The Journey


Have you ever been on a journey? A journey beyond the horizon, as far as your eyes can see, and way beyond your comfort zone! A journey where you will be on your own for days on end, or where you will be surrounded by people and cultures so diverse and different, by languages you cannot comprehend and foods that will challenge your palate in ways imaginable.

Check this out!

The longest Way

1. What do you think is the purpose of this epic journey?

2. Are you motivated by his journey? If so, what do you think you can do to support his purpose?

For me, the Chinese song at the start and towards the end speaks volume about his journey. I shall try to post the lyrics here (with English translation) in due course … if I can find it in the net.

Cheers, Kim

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Are we responsible for what the world has become today?

Are the recent disasters around the world an act of nature? Or is it an act of nature induced by man? If so, is it considered natural? The world has changed drastically from a generation ago. Have we blindly pursue developments thus compromising the balance of mother nature.

What do you see?

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